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bacula-client (7) Versions 0.1.0

Installs/Configures bacula-client

cookbook 'bacula-client', '= 0.1.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'bacula-client', '= 0.1.0'
knife supermarket install bacula-client
knife supermarket download bacula-client
Quality 100%

bacula-client cookbook


The cookbook for installation bacula-client. You should use cookbook bacula-server to install a server.




The following platforms are supported and tested uder test kitchen:

  • Centos 6
  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Windows server 2012 r2

This cookbook tested with bacula version 5.0 and 5.2.


Attribute Description Type Default
node['bacula']['databag_name'] Name of data bag where keeps bacula sensitive information. See below for format of data bag. String 'bacula'
node['bacula']['databag_item'] Name of item of data bag. String 'bacula'
node['bacula']['client']['cache'] Path of directory in which bacula will keep temporary backup files before send this files to a server. String '/var/cache/backup'
node['bacula']['client']['director_name'] Name of bacula director. It must be same as attribute on the bacula server. String 'bacula-dir'
node['bacula']['client']['working_directory'] Path of the working directory. String platform-specific
node['bacula']['client']['pid_directory'] Path of the pid directory. String platform-specific
node['bacula']['client']['scripts'] Path of the directory in which bacula-client lwrp will be create scripts. String platform-specific
node['bacula']['client']['version'] Version of bacula package. It is important to know that Bacula does not work if packets from different branches. For example: bacula-dir version 5.0 does not work with bacula-fd version 5.2. String platform-specific


  • default.rb - install bacula-fd daemon.


The purpose o resources in this cookbook to make the settings backups of different things in the same way. Actually you can make a backup of anything throught the resource p_bacula_backup.


This is the main resource. It is inherited by all other resources.


  • :create: create backup job.

Attribute Parameters

Attribute Description Type Default
run The attributes indicates when to run the backup job. It is array what containing strings. Format strings is the same format as the Run directive in the configuration schedule and can be found here Array
files List of files that need backup Array []
prejob_script Name of script what will be ran before job String
postjob_script Name of script what will be ran after job String
options Job options. Detailed description is here hash { signature: 'MD5', compression: 'GZIP' }
exclude List of files that will be excluded from backup Array

All of these attributess are present in all other resources.


Generic resource for backup databases. With it you can make a backup of any database. For this you need to create prejob_script, which put your backup to node['bacula']['client']['cache']/#{}.sql. In fact this resource doesn't create prejob_script, unlike resources p_bacula_backup_mysql and p_bacula_backup_pg, so you must create this script your own. Because the script is not created, attributes that relate to database is not used.


  • :create: create backup job.

Attribute Parameters

Attribute Description Type Default
host Database host String
port Database port Integer
user Database user who is allowed to do the backup String
password Password for backup user String
database Name of database which will be backuped String
backup_options Options which will be passed to the backup utility Array

All of these attributess are present in all other resources related databases.


Resource for backup mysql database. This resource is a wrapper around backup_database and has all the same attributes. It takes attributes and passes it to mysqlbackup in prejob_script.


Resource for backup postgresql database. This resource is a wrapper around backup_database and has all the same attributes. It takes attributes and passes it to pg_dump in prejob_script.


Resource uses knife-ec-backup ruby gem for backup chef server. It may to work only on the server where chef installed.


  • :create: create backup job.


Resource uses stash DIY backup.


  • :create: create backup job.


  • Backup the directory without subdir.
backup_files 'directory' do
  run ['Full mon at 3:00',
       'Incremental tue-sat at 3:00']
  files ['/directory']
  exclude ['/directory/tmp']
  • Backup mysql database.
backup_mysql 'mysql_database' do
  run ['Full mon at 3:00']
  host ''
  port 3306
  user 'root'
  password 'secret'
  backup_options ['-q']
  • Backup postgresql database.
backup_pg 'postgresql' do
  run ['Full mon at 3:00']
  host ''
  port 5432
  user 'root'
  password 'secret'
  • Backup chef server.
backup_chef 'chefserver' do
  run ['Full mon at 3:00']
  • Backup stash server.
backup_stash 'stash' do
  run ['Full mon at 3:00']


How it works

When you include client or default recipe in your wrapper, recipe installs bacula file daemon(client) and configures it.

Resources/Provides doesn't make backups, it just create pre and post job scripts, what runs by bacula. Also recipe sets node attribute with backup configuration.

To configure clients director recipe uses the chef search. It first deletes all files related with nodes are no longer search. Then recipe searches nodes on the role specified in the attribute node['bacula']['director']['clients_role'], gets attribute node['bacula']['client']['backups'] and makes jobs according to them.

With this in mind, you must run chef-client after each addition backup lwrp or put chef-client in crontab for automation service discovery.

Data bag

Data bag example:

  "id": "bacula",
  "fd_password": "fd_password",
  "db_password": "bacula",
  "db_user": "bacula",
  "postgres_root_password": "postgres",
  "console_password": "console_password",
  "sd_password": "sd_password"


Dependent cookbooks

apt >= 0.0.0
build-essential >= 0.0.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

Foodcritic Metric

0.1.0 passed this metric