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icinga2 (32) Versions 0.5.0

Installs/Configures Icinga2

cookbook 'icinga2', '= 0.5.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'icinga2', '= 0.5.0'
knife supermarket install icinga2
knife supermarket download icinga2
Quality 100%

icinga2 Cookbook

Build Status

This is a Chef cookbook to manage Icinga2 using Chef LWRP.

More features and attributes will be added over time, feel free to contribute
what you find missing!



  • icinga2::default - does not do anything, used for LWRP usage

  • icinga2::server - install & configure icinga2 server with default incinga Objects

  • icinga2::server_apache - manages apache and icinga2 classic ui / web / web2 vhost using apache2 cookbook

  • icinga2::server_install - install icinga2 core/ido server packages

  • icinga2::server_core - configures icinga2 core configuration files & directories

  • icinga2::server_features - enable/disable icinga2 features

  • icinga2::server_classic_ui - configures icinga2 classic ui

  • icinga2::server_pnp - configures pnp4nagios for icinga2

  • icinga2::server_objects - manages icinga2 default objects/templates objects if node['icinga2']['disable_conf_d'] is set in which case conf.d objects config is not included in icinga2.conf and objects are created using LWRP

  • icinga2::server_object_host - creates icinga2 generic-host Host template

  • icinga2::server_object_notificationcommand - creates icinga2 default NotificationCommand objects

  • icinga2::server_object_service - creates icinga2 defaultgeneric-service Service templates

  • icinga2::server_object_timeperiod - creates icinga2 default TimePeriod objects

  • icinga2::server_object_user - creates icinga2 generic-user User template and icingaadmin User object

  • icinga2::server_object_usergroup - creates icinga2 icingaadmins UserGroup object


  • icinga2::default - icinga2 server default attributes file

  • icinga2::repo - icinga2 yum/apt repositories file for packages install

  • icinga2::server_classic_ui - icinga2 server classic ui default attributes file

  • icinga2::server_constants - icinga2 server constants parameters file

  • icinga2::server_objects - icinga2 objects default attributes file

  • icinga2::server_ido - icinga2 ido db default attributes file

  • icinga2::server_web2 - icinga2 web2 ui default attributes file

Supported Icinga Version

This cookbook is being developed for Icinga2 - v2.2.x primarily on Amazon Platform (EPEL Release 6 Package).

Supported Icinga2 Install Types

Currently Icinga2 installation is supported ONLY via Repository Packages.

Icinga2 Server Setup

To setup icinga2 server on a node, add recipe icinga2::server which will install necessary packages and configuration files.

Icinga2 Classic UI

Icinga2 Classic UI is enabled by default and set as default UI.

However, Classic UI can be disabled by attribute node['icinga2']['classic_ui']['enable'].

How to add users for icinga2 Classic UI

Icinga2 Classic UI users is controlled by node Hash attribute node['icinga2']['classic_ui']['users']. This attribute accepts a Hash of username => htpasswd(passwd), so that password is not available in plain text.

By default icingaadmin user is added with password icingaadmin:

default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['users'] = {
  'icingaadmin' => '$apr1$MZtKRLAy$AV9OiJ.V/mI9g30bHn9ol1'

This can be overrided in wrapper cookbook or role or environment.

To add more users for icigna2 Classic UI auth, add new users to Hash attribute in the same wasy icingaadmin user is added

default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['users']['user_name'] = '$apr1$MZtKRLAy$AV9OiJ.V/mI9g30bHn9ol1'

Icinga2 Classic UI Authorization

Icigna2 Classic UI User authorization is managed by below node Arrary attributes:


By simply adding users to above attributes will provide necessary access to the UI.

How to add a guest user

To add a guest user without any admin privileges, first add a guest user (with password guest)

default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['users']['guest'] = '$apr1$cA/eVUgT$aIoWUPwV5uONJoYslb7lg0'

Then authorize guest user to view Host/Service status

node['icinga2']['classic_ui']['authorized_for_all_services'] = %w(icingaadmin guest)
node['icinga2']['classic_ui']['authorized_for_all_hosts'] = %w(icingaadmin guest)

How to add an admin user

To make a user admin, add the user to below node attributes:


Icinga Web2

Icingaweb2 recipe setup is work in progress.

Icinga2 Cluster Deployment

Icinga2 Distributes / HA cluster setup examples will be added soon.

Icinga2 Monitor a Chef Environment Nodes

This cookbook does not only provide management of Icinga2 server & objects, it also provides
automation around Chef environment.

Using LWRP environment a whole environment nodes can be added to Host objects with environment wide Host object parameters.

There are certain functionalities added to LWRP environment, like:

  • define icinga2 Host parameters for an entire environment

  • auto create HostGroup object for an entire chef environment

  • auto create HostGroup object for node's application attribute to group nodes for an entire chef environment application type

  • auto create HostGroup object for node's cluster attribute to group nodes for a chef environment cluster

  • auto add chef node Cloud attributes as Host custom vars, currently only AWS EC2 attributes are supported, but is easy to extend the suport to other cloud providers

  • auto create HostGroup list for a chef environment node

  • limit a chef environment spreaded across multiple regions to icinga2 server region, e.g. in multi region ec2 production environment, one would want to setup an icinga2 server in region us-east-1 just to monitor us-east-1 nodes, but not the production nodes of other regions, like ap-southeast-1

  • allow chef node to determine host.address from node['fqdn'] DNS resolution instead of node['ipaddress'] and either ignore chef node if failed to resolve DNS or fallback to use node['ipaddress'] as host.address

  • exclude a node by run_list role, not yet tested

  • exclude a node by run_list role, not yet tested

  • filter chef node if match certain node attributes

  • override an environment and use an entire different search_pattern, this feature extends LWRP environment functionality to select nodes by a user given search pattern

Simply create a LWRP resource for a chef environment, to start monitoring all nodes in that environment. More details are added to examples.

Icinga2 Host Custom Vars

environment LWRP Host Vars

LWRP environment resources sets Host custom vars for each node via node Hash attribute -
node['icinga2']['client']['custom_vars']. All defined vars will be added to Host object.

host LWRP Host Vars

When using icinga2_host LWRP, node custom vars will not be added automatically. There will be no search performed as the Host object could be different than a chef Node.

To add Host custom vars, use Hash attribute custom_vars.

A resource attribute will be added to icinga2_host LWRP to perform a search to fetch custom vars defined for a node, so that manual addition is not required.

Icing2 with PNP4Nagios

Recipe icinga2::server_pnp setup and configures PNP4Nagios with rrdcached daemon.

Simply add recipe icinga2::server_pnp to icinga2 server run_list to install PNP4Nagios.


NRPE Client recipe has been removed from this cookbook.

Icinga2 Agent management will be added soon.

LWRP Examples

Different LWRP usage examples are added to examples directory.

To configure icinga2 server, check examples/icinga2_server directory. More exaamples will be added here upon further testing.

icinga2 LWRP Resources

Currently icinga2 cookbook supports below Objects LWRP Resources:

  • icinga2_apilistener
  • icinga2_applynotification
  • icinga2_applyservice
  • icinga2_checkcommand
  • icinga2_endpoint
  • icinga2_envhostgroup
  • icinga2_environment
  • icinga2_eventcommand
  • icinga2_externalcommandlistener
  • icinga2_feature
  • icinga2_gelfwriter
  • icinga2_graphitewriter
  • icinga2_host
  • icinga2_hostgroup
  • icinga2_notification
  • icinga2_notificationcommand
  • icinga2_scheduleddowntime
  • icinga2_service
  • icinga2_servicegroup
  • icinga2_sysloglogger
  • icinga2_timeperiod
  • icinga2_user
  • icinga2_usergroup
  • icinga2_zone

Few of LWRP attributes which are required to create an icinga2 Object are not declared :required => true in LWRP in favour of creating icinga2 Object template.

Same LWRP resource used to create icinga2 Object, can also be used to create icinga2 Template as well.

LWRP icinga2_environment

To be added.

LWRP icinga2_applydependency

To be added.

LWRP icinga2_applynotification

To be added.

LWRP icinga2_applyservice

To be added.

LWRP icinga2_checkcommand

To be added.

LWRP icinga2_downtime

To be added.

LWRP icinga2_endpoint

To be added.

LWRP icinga2_envhostgroup

To be added.

LWRP icinga2_evironment

To be added.

LWRP icinga2_eventcommand

To be added.

LWRP icinga2_externalcommandlistener

To be added.

LWRP icinga2_feature

To be added.

LWRP icinga2_host

To be added.

LWRP icinga2_hostgroup

To be added.

LWRP icinga2_notification

To be added.

LWRP icinga2_notificationcommand

To be added.

LWRP icinga2_service

To be added.

LWRP icinga2_servicegroup

To be added.

LWRP icinga2_timeperiod

To be added.

LWRP icinga2_user

To be added.

LWRP icinga2_usergroup

To be added.

LWRP icinga2_zone

To be added.

Cookbook Advanced Attributes

  • default['icinga2']['disable_conf_d'] (default: false): disable icinga2 conf.d default configuration and use LWRP to manage icinga2 objects / templates

  • default['icinga2']['add_cloud_custom_vars'] (default: true): add cloud node attributes, limited cloud provider support is available

  • default['icinga2']['enable_features_recipe'] (default: false): manage icinga2 features via node attribute node['icinga2']['enable_features']

  • default['icinga2']['features_enabled_dir'] (default: /etc/icinga2/features-enabled): icinga2 enabled features location

  • default['icinga2']['features_available_dir'] (default: /etc/icinga2/features-available): icinga2 available features location

  • default['icinga2']['cluster_attribute'] (default: nil): icinga2 node cluster attribute name to add node cluster attribute and value to node vars

  • default['icinga2']['application_attribute'] (default: nil): icinga2 node application attribute name to add node application attribute and value to node vars

  • default['icinga2']['enable_cluster_hostgroup'] (default: true): creates icinga2 HostGroup Objects for environment clusters

  • default['icinga2']['enable_application_hostgroup'] (default: true): creates icinga2 HostGroup Objects for environment application types

  • default['icinga2']['enable_role_hostgroup'] (default: false): creates icinga2 HostGroup Objects for environment roles

  • default['icinga2']['limit_region'] (default: true): whether to limit monitoring to icinga2 server region, e.g. for ec2 collect nodes belongs to same region

  • default['icinga2']['use_fqdn_resolv'] (default: false): whether to determine node address from fqdn

  • default['icinga2']['failover_fqdn_address'] (default: true): whether to use ohai attribute node['ipaddress'] if node fqdn does not exists

  • default['icinga2']['ignore_node_error'] (default: false): whether to ignore node errors if node fqdn, hostname and chef_environment is missing while collecting for a chef environment

  • default['icinga2']['ignore_resolv_error'] (default: true): whether to ignore node fqdn resolve errors while collecting for a chef environment

  • default['icinga2']['web_engine'] (default: `'apache'): icinga2 web server, currently supports only apache

  • default['icinga2']['install_nagios_plugins'] (default: true): install nagios plugins to icinga2 server and clients

  • default['icinga2']['features'] (default: [available features]): list of icinga2 available features

  • default['icinga2']['enable_features'] (default: [checker command compatlog mainlog notification statusdata perfdata]): icinga2 enabled features

Cookbook Core Attributes

  • default['icinga2']['version'] (default: 2.2.2-1): icinga2 version

  • default['icinga2']['conf_dir'] (default: /etc/icinga2): icinga2 configuration location

  • default['icinga2']['conf_d_dir'] (default: /etc/icinga2/conf.d): icinga2 conf.d directory location

  • default['icinga2']['pki_dir'] (default: /etc/icinga2/pki): icinga2 pki directory location

  • default['icinga2']['scripts_dir'] (default: /etc/icinga2/scripts): icinga2 script directory location

  • default['icinga2']['zones_dir'] (default: /etc/icinga2/zones.d): icinga2 zones.d directory location

  • default['icinga2']['databag'] (default: `'icinga2'): icinga2 databag name, currently not used

  • default['icinga2']['objects_d'] (default: 'objects.d): cookbook created icinga2 Object/Templates resources directory name

  • default['icinga2']['objects_dir'] (default: /etc/icinga2/objects.d): cookbook created icinga2 Object/Templates resources directory location

  • default['icinga2']['run_dir'] (default: /var/run/icinga2): icinga2 run directory

  • default['icinga2']['run_cmd_dir'] (default: /var/run/icinga2/cmd): icinga2 location for process icinga2.cmd

  • default['icinga2']['cache_dir'] (default: /var/cache/icinga2): icinga2 cache directory location

  • default['icinga2']['spool_dir'] (default: /var/spool/icinga2): icinga2 spool directory location

  • default['icinga2']['lib_dir'] (default: /var/lib/icinga2): icinga2 lib directory location

  • default['icinga2']['log_dir'] (default: /var/log/icinga2): icinga2 core process log directory location

  • default['icinga2']['cache_dir'] (default: /var/cache/icinga2): icinga2 cache directory location

  • default['icinga2']['service_name'] (default: icinga2'): icinga2 process name*

  • default['icinga2']['service_config_file'] (default: /etc/default/icinga2): icinga2 * process configuration file

  • default['icinga2']['plugins_dir'] (default: /usr/lib/nagios/plugins): icinga2 plugins directory location

  • default['icinga2']['custom_plugins_dir'] (default: /opt/icinga2_custom_plugins): icinga2 custom plugins directory

  • default['icinga2']['admin_user'] (default: icingaadmin): icinga2 admin user

  • default['icinga2']['user'] (default: icinga): icinga2 user

  • default['icinga2']['group'] (default: icinga): icinga2 user group

  • default['icinga2']['cmdgroup'] (default: icingacmd): icinga2 cmd user group

Cookbook Icinga2 Constants Attributes

  • default['icinga2']['server']['constants']['PluginDir'] (default: node['icinga2']['plugins_dir']): icinga2 plugins directory location

  • default['icinga2']['server']['constants']['ManubulonPluginDir'] (default: node['icinga2']['plugins_dir']): icinga2 plugins directory location

  • default['icinga2']['server']['constants']['TicketSalt'] (default: ch2ng3m3): icinga2 default TicketSalt key

Cookbook Icinga2 Host Object default Attributes

  • default['icinga2']['server']['object']['host']['import'] (default: 'generic-host)

  • default['icinga2']['server']['object']['host']['max_check_attempts'] (default: 3)

  • default['icinga2']['server']['object']['host']['check_period'] (default: nil)

  • default['icinga2']['server']['object']['host']['check_interval'] (default: 1800)

  • default['icinga2']['server']['object']['host']['retry_interval'] (default: 60)

  • default['icinga2']['server']['object']['host']['enable_notifications'] (default: true)

  • default['icinga2']['server']['object']['host']['enable_active_checks'] (default: true)

  • default['icinga2']['server']['object']['host']['enable_passive_checks'] (default: false)

  • default['icinga2']['server']['object']['host']['enable_event_handler'] (default: true)

  • default['icinga2']['server']['object']['host']['enable_flapping'] (default: true)

  • default['icinga2']['server']['object']['host']['enable_perfdata'] (default: true)

  • default['icinga2']['server']['object']['host']['event_command'] (default: nil)

  • default['icinga2']['server']['object']['host']['flapping_threshold'] (default: nil)

  • default['icinga2']['server']['object']['host']['volatile'] (default: nil)

  • default['icinga2']['server']['object']['host']['check_command'] (default: hostalive)

  • default['icinga2']['server']['object']['host']['zone'] (default: nil)

  • default['icinga2']['server']['object']['host']['command_endpoint'] (default: nil)

  • default['icinga2']['server']['object']['host']['zone_attribute'] (default: icinga2_zone)

Cookbook Ulimit Attributes

  • default[:icinga2][:limits][:memlock] (default: unlimited): Icinga2 service user memory limit

  • default[:icinga2][:limits][:nofile] (default: 48000): Icinga2 service user file limit

  • default[:icinga2][:limits][:nproc] (default: unlimited): Icinga2 service user process limit

Cookbook Repository Attributes

  • default['icinga2']['yum']['description'] (default: `ICINGA Stable Release'):

  • default['icinga2']['yum']['mirrorlist'] (default: nil):

  • default['icinga2']['yum']['gpgcheck'] (default: true):

  • default['icinga2']['yum']['enabled'] (default: true):

  • default['icinga2']['yum']['gpgkey'] (default:

  • default['icinga2']['yum']['action'] (default: :create):

  • default['icinga2']['yum']['baseurl'] (default: ``):

  • default['icinga2']['apt']['repo'] (default: ICINGA Stable Release):

  • default['icinga2']['apt']['uri'] (default:

  • default['icinga2']['apt']['distribution'] (default: node['lsb']['codename']):

  • default['icinga2']['apt']['keyserver'] (default:

  • default['icinga2']['apt']['components'] (default: [main]):

  • default['icinga2']['apt']['deb_src'] (default: true):

  • default['icinga2']['apt']['repo_key'] (default:

  • default['icinga2']['apt']['action'] (default: :add):

Cookbook Classic UI CGI Core Attributes

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['version'] (default: 2.2.2-1): icinga2 classic-ui package version

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['gui_version'] (default: 1.12.0-0): icinga2 gui package version

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['web_root'] (default: /usr/share/icinga): icinga2 web doc root directory location

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['home_dir'] (default: /etc/icinga): icinga2 classic ui configuration home directory location

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['conf_dir'] (default: /etc/icinga): icinga2 classic ui configuration directory location

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['log_dir'] (default: /var/log/icinga): icinga2 classic ui log directory location

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi_log_dir'] (default: /var/log/icinga/gui): icinga2 gui log directory location

Cookbook Classic UI CGI User Access Attributes

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['users'] (default: { 'icingaadmin' => '$apr1$MZtKRLAy$AV9OiJ.V/mI9g30bHn9ol1' }): Hash List of user => password (md5) for class ui access

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['authorized_for_system_information'] (default: [node['icinga2']['admin_user']]): Array list of users authorized for system information

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['authorized_for_configuration_information'] (default: [node['icinga2']['admin_user']]): Array list of users authorized for configuration information

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['authorized_for_full_command_resolution'] (default: [node['icinga2']['admin_user']]): Array list of users authorized for full command resolution

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['authorized_for_system_commands'] (default: [node['icinga2']['admin_user']]): Array list of users authorized for system commands

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['authorized_for_all_services'] (default: [node['icinga2']['admin_user']]): Array list of users authorized for all services

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['authorized_for_all_hosts'] (default: [node['icinga2']['admin_user']]): Array list of users authorized for all hosts

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['authorized_for_all_service_commands'] (default: [node['icinga2']['admin_user']]): Array list of users authorized for all service commands

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['authorized_for_all_host_commands'] (default: [node['icinga2']['admin_user']]): Array list of users authorized for all host commands

Cookbook Classic UI CGI Configuration Attributes

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['standalone_installation'] (default: 1)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['physical_html_path'] (default: /usr/share/icinga)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['url_html_path'] (default: /icinga)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['url_stylesheets_path'] (default: /icinga/stylesheets)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['http_charset'] (default: utf-8)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['refresh_rate'] (default: 60)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['refresh_type'] (default: 1)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['escape_html_tags'] (default: 1)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['result_limit'] (default: 50)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['show_tac_header'] (default: 1)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['use_pending_states'] (default: 1)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['first_day_of_week'] (default: 0)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['suppress_maintenance_downtime'] (default: 0)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['action_url_target'] (default: main)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['notes_url_target'] (default: main)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['use_authentication'] (default: 1)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['use_ssl_authentication'] (default: 0)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['lowercase_user_name'] (default: 0)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['authorized_for_system_information'] (default: node['icinga2']['classic_ui']['authorized_for_system_information'].join(','))

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['authorized_for_configuration_information'] (default: node['icinga2']['classic_ui']* ['authorized_for_configuration_information'].join(','))

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['authorized_for_full_command_resolution'] (default: node['icinga2']['classic_ui']['authorized_for_full_command_resolution'].join(','))

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['authorized_for_system_commands'] (default: node['icinga2']['classic_ui']['authorized_for_system_commands'].join(','))

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['authorized_for_all_services'] (default: node['icinga2']['classic_ui']['authorized_for_all_services'].join(','))

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['authorized_for_all_hosts'] (default: node['icinga2']['classic_ui']['authorized_for_all_hosts'].join(','))

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['authorized_for_all_service_commands'] (default: node['icinga2']['classic_ui']['authorized_for_all_service_commands'].join(','))

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['authorized_for_all_host_commands'] (default: node['icinga2']['classic_ui']['authorized_for_all_host_commands'].join(','))

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['show_all_services_host_is_authorized_for'] (default: 1)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['show_partial_hostgroups'] (default: 0)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['show_partial_servicegroups'] (default: 0)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['default_statusmap_layout'] (default: 5)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['status_show_long_plugin_output'] (default: 0)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['display_status_totals'] (default: 0)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['highlight_table_rows'] (default: 1)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['add_notif_num_hard'] (default: 28)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['add_notif_num_soft'] (default: 0)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['use_logging'] (default: 0)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['cgi_log_file'] (default: node['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi_log_dir']/icinga-cgi.log)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['cgi_log_rotation_method'] (default: d)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['cgi_log_archive_path'] (default: node['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi_log_dir'])

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['enforce_comments_on_actions'] (default: 0)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['send_ack_notifications'] (default: 1)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['persistent_ack_comments'] (default: 0)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['lock_author_names'] (default: 1)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['default_downtime_duration'] (default: 7200)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['set_expire_ack_by_default'] (default: 0)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['default_expiring_acknowledgement_duration'] (default: 86_400)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['default_expiring_disabled_notifications_duration'] (default: 86_400)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['tac_show_only_hard_state'] (default: 0)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['show_tac_header_pending'] (default: 1)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['exclude_customvar_name'] (default: PASSWORD,COMMUNITY)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['exclude_customvar_value'] (default: secret)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['extinfo_show_child_hosts'] (default: `)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['tab_friendly_titles'] (default: 1)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['object_cache_file'] (default: /var/cache/icinga2/objects.cache)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['status_file'] (default: node['icinga2']['cache_dir']/status.dat)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['resource_file'] (default: node['icinga2']['classic_ui']['conf_dir']/resource.cfg)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['command_file'] (default: node['icinga2']['run_dir']/cmd/icinga2.cmd)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['check_external_commands'] (default: 1)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['interval_length'] (default: 60)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['status_update_interval'] (default: 10)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['log_file'] (default: node['icinga2']['log_dir']/compat/icinga.log)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['log_rotation_method'] (default: h)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['log_archive_path'] (default: node['icinga2']['log_dir']/compat/archives)

  • default['icinga2']['classic_ui']['cgi']['date_format'] (default: us)

Cookbook Dependencies

  • ulimit cookbook
  • apache2 cookbook
  • yum cookbook
  • apt cookbook
  • pnp4nagios cookbook


  1. Fork the repository on Github
  2. Create a named feature branch (like add_component_x)
  3. Write your change
  4. Write tests for your change (if applicable)
  5. Run the tests (rake), ensuring they all pass
  6. Write new resource/attribute description to
  7. Write description about changes to PR
  8. Submit a Pull Request using Github

Authors:: Virender Khatri and Contributors

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.


This file is used to list changes made in each version of the icinga2 cookbook.


  • Virender Khatri - added lwrp for icinga2 feature

  • Virender Khatri - removed default features

  • Virender Khatri - added default NodeName constant

  • Virender Khatri - removed zones.conf in favor of LWRP zone

  • Virender Khatri - delaying icinga2 service start in favor of LWRP resources objects

  • Virender Khatri - added missing zone Object to various environment / host LWRPs

  • Virender Khatri - corrected LWRP endpoint

  • Virender Khatri - added support for pnp4nagios

  • Virender Khatri - updated README documentation


  • Virender Khatri - removed nrpe client recipe

  • Virender Khatri - replaced icingaweb recipe from cookbook with icingaweb2

  • Virender Khatri - refactored recipes for packages

  • Virender Khatri - prepping for pnp4nagios support, added recipe icinga2::server_pnp

  • Virender Khatri - disabled icingaweb2 by default

  • Virender Khatri - enable icinga2 classic ui by default

  • Virender Khatri - disabled pnp integration by defatul

  • Virender Khatri - renamed conf.d disable attribute to disable_conf_d

  • Virender Khatri - added icinga2_features recipe to manage icinga2 features

  • Virender Khatri - removed environment lwrp attribute env_notification_user_groups

  • Virender Khatri - bump icinga2 version to v2.2.2-1

  • Virender Khatri - preparing for ubuntu platform testing


  • Virender Khatri - allowing node custom_vars hostgroups Array declaration

  • Virender Khatri - corrected check_interval chec_period resource attribute type

  • Virender Khatri - renamed downtime lwrp to scheduleddowntime

  • Virender Khatri - added applistener lwrp

  • Virender Khatri - added endpoint lwrp

  • Virender Khatri - added gelfwrite lwrp

  • Virender Khatri - corrected lwrp attributes types

  • Virender Khatri - corrected icinga2 objects boolean attribute, nil value attribute will be ignored

  • Virender Khatri - fixed mail notification scripts permissions


  • Virender Khatri - removed files under development for chef supermarket


  • Virender Khatri - added node cpu and memory to custom vars by default

  • Virender Khatri - fixed permission issue on /var/run/icinga2

  • Virender Khatri - fixed nrpe config for ubuntu

  • Virender Khatri - added templates for mail notification scripts

  • Virender Khatri - added externalcommandlistener lwrp

  • Virender Khatri - added graphitewriter lwrp

  • Virender Khatri - added idomysqlconnection lwrp

  • Virender Khatri - added idopgsqlconnection lwrp

  • Virender Khatri - added sysloglogger lwrp

  • Virender Khatri - renamed client recipe to client_nrpe in favor of icinga2 agent


  • Virender Khatri - initial release of icinga2

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