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monit-ng (31) Versions 2.0.2

Installs and configures monit

cookbook 'monit-ng', '= 2.0.2', :supermarket
cookbook 'monit-ng', '= 2.0.2'
knife supermarket install monit-ng
knife supermarket download monit-ng
Quality 100%

Chef monit cookbook Build Status

Installs and configures Monit, with a resource provider for managing
additional monit checks.

Suggested background reading:

  • The Fine Manual
  • This README, the resource and provider in cookbook libraries directory.


  • monit-ng::default: loads the other recipes in the order below
  • monit-ng::install: installs monit via package or source
  • monit-ng::configure: configures global monit template
  • monit-ng::service: configures and manages the monit service
  • monit-ng::reload: reloads monit service if converge updated a monit_check


  • yum-epel (on rhel hosts)
  • ubuntu (on ubuntu hosts)
  • apt (on debian hosts)
  • build-essential (if installing from source)


Most of these are very straight-forward, and pulled directly from the manual.
See the inline documentation in attributes/*.rb for details.

The few "special" attributes are noted below:

  • default['monit']['config']['alert'] (default: []): this attributes configures global set alert config option for each Hash element with attribute name and optional event filters

Documentation for event filters can be found here.

"default_attributes": {
  "monit": {
    "config": {
      "alert": [
                "name": "root@localhost",
                "but_not_on": [ "nonexist" ]
                "name": "netadmin@localhost",
                "only_on": [ "nonexist", "timeout", "icmp", "connection"]
                "name": "iwantall@localhost",
  • default['monit']['config']['mail_servers'] (default: []): this attributes configures set mailserver config option for each Hash element (mail server) with hash like so:
"default_attributes": {
  "monit": {
    "config": {
            "mail_servers": [
          "hostname": "localhost",
          "port": 25,
          "username": null,
          "password": null,
          "security": null,
          "timeout": "30 seconds"



Attribute Description Default
cookbook cookbook from which to source monit config template monit-ng
check_type type of check (e.g. program, process, host) process
check_id check identifier (e.g. pid path, hostname, executable path nil
id_type type of identifier (e.g. pid, matching, address, path) determined by check_type
start_as user to execute start command as nil
start_as_group group to start program as nil
start start command nil
stop_as user to execute stop command as nil
stop_as_group group to execute stop command as nil
stop stop command nil
group check group (e.g. "hosts") nil
depends depends on named service (e.g. "apache") nil
tests array of hashes with 'condition', 'action' keys, maps to monit if, then []
every string for args to "every" configuration (e.g. every n cycles, every "* 8-19 * * 1-5") nil
alert email to alert nil
but_not_on alert modifier to filter events for notification nil
alert_events alert modifier to filter events for notification nil


  1. Fork the repository on Github
  2. Create a named feature branch (like add_component_x)
  3. Write your change
  4. Write tests for your change (if applicable)
  5. Run the tests (rake), ensuring they all pass
  6. Write new resource/attribute description to
  7. Write description about changes to PR
  8. Submit a Pull Request using Github

Authors:: Nathan Williams and contributors

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.

2.0.2 / 2015-07-14

  • add attribute to skip service actions

2.0.1 / 2015-07-02

  • add "depends" attribute (thanks @kcd83!)
  • allow nil to disable listen address specification (thanks @kcd83!)

2.0.0 / 2015-06-17

  • consolidate repo/source recipe into "install" recipe
  • move service management into separate recipe
  • remove the common-service recipes
  • testing and documentation improvements

1.8.1 / 2015-06-14

  • fix backwards compatibility with "subscriptions"

1.8.0 / 2015-06-11

update to latest monit release: 5.14

  • better version comparison for old SSL bug
  • fix check_id attribute to support check_type "system". thanks @jorhett!
  • update proactive reload ruby_block naming for clarity
  • permit disabling proactive reloads

1.7.0 / 2015-06-05

  • add alert, but_not_on, alert_events attributes for per-check alert event control (thanks @cpakman!)

1.6.4 / 2015-05-15

  • fix upstart service name for postfix (thanks @szymonpk!)
  • use verify attribute on control file templates when using Chef >= 12

1.6.3 / 2015-05-06

  • update to latest monit release

1.6.2 / 2015-04-16

  • start monit service later to enable chef run to cleanup busted LWRP includes that cause service start failures (thanks @vkhatri!)

1.6.1 / 2015-03-26

  • bugfix: correct stop_as/stop_as_group var map for check template (thanks @mattadair!)

1.6.0 / 2015-03-23

  • adding gid support for start_as and stop_as (start_as_group, stop_as_group attributes) (thanks @mattadair!)
  • update to version 5.12.2

1.5.2 / 2015-03-15

  • add stop_as support

1.5.1 / 2015-03-09

  • update to latest monit version

1.5.0 / 2015-03-02

* use latest monit (5.12) for source install
* skip yum-epel setup on amazon linux (thanks @vkhatri!)
* enforce upcased mailserver security values (thanks @vkhatri!)
* better reflect upstream configuration defaults by not specifying default mailservers/subscribers list (thanks @vkhatri!)
* improved documentation (thanks @vkhatri!)
* update global config template to support multiple or empty mail_servers config

Known Issues:
* Monit 5.12 may segfault on some platforms when system hostname resolving fails

1.4.1 / 2015-01-04

  • testing updates
  • documentation updates/corrections (thanks NinjaTux!)
  • add quote-wrapping of smtp username/password (thanks alappe!)
  • update to monit release 5.11

1.4.0 / 2014-11-04

  • updated to monit 5.10 for source-install
  • better support for multiple init systems
  • improved support for reloading service if monit_check resources updated during the run

1.3.1 / 2014-10-29

  • update bundle and fix up foodcritic, rubocop, chefspec
  • add chefspec coverage reporting to list uncovered resources
  • move service provider selection into attributes to facilitate wrapper cookbooks choosing preference

1.3.0 / 2014-10-29

  • consolidate suite runlist into setup
  • bugfix: correct service check start/stop commands under systemd
  • bugfix: fix duplicate service notifications from monit_check resources
  • remove snmpd recipe
  • update the setup recipe to: install all needed services, set up non-pid-having services under systemd to have a pid, include all core-service recipes
  • expand integration testing to cover all core-service checks, rootfs check

1.2.1 / 2014-10-23

  • tidies up 1.2.0, simplifies service provider selection, fixes foodcritic warnings

1.2.0 / 2014-10-23

  • update source package to 5.9
  • prefer upstart init on ubuntu >= 12.04
  • prefer systemd init on centos >= 7.0
  • unwind sysv init on upstart/systemd platforms to help migrate from pre-1.2.0 cookbook (to be removed in 1.3)
  • spec updates for serverspec 2.0
  • bug-fix: correct LSB headers in sysv script to fix debian support
  • add debian to test platforms
  • use cookbook_name when loading our own recipes

1.1.5 / 2014-10-11

  • update check_pairs to support multiple id_types for a check (thanks @vkhatri!)
  • add matching id_type for process checks (thanks @vkhatri!)

1.1.4 / 2014-09-10

  • add start config for /etc/default/monit in Ubuntu 14.04 (thanks @kevit!)

1.1.3 / 2014-09-05

  • update source install to 5.8.1

1.1.2 / 2014-09-05

  • rename to monit-ng

1.1.0 / 2014-04-26

  • fix default overriding instance args

1.0.2 / 2014-04-26

  • code cleanup
  • cleaner attributes

1.0.0 / 2014-04-25

  • release version 1.0.0

Foodcritic Metric

2.0.2 passed this metric