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smbfs (2) Versions 0.2.0

Installs/Configures smbfs and adds mount points according to data driven pattern

cookbook 'smbfs', '= 0.2.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'smbfs', '= 0.2.0'
knife supermarket install smbfs
knife supermarket download smbfs
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A recipe that installs smbfs on linux hosts. It also includes a resource for mounting cifs shares and an attribute driven recipe managing smbfs mounts.


Tested on Ubuntu 11.


  • node['smbfs']['mounts'] - A map that describes zero or more cifs mounts. Used to drive the attribtue_driven recipe.


There are two recipes provided:

  • smbfs::default - Install the smbfs package.
  • smbfs::attribute_driven - Invokes the smbfs::default recipe and then interprets the node['smbfs']['mounts'] attribtue and defines the resources for the mouts.



The smbfs_mount resource helps define a mount for a cifs share.

  • path: the path on which to mout the share. This is the name of the resource.
  • cifs_path: The url for cifs mount.
  • username: The username if authenticated access required to cifs share. Defaults to nil.
  • password: The password. Must be present iff username is present. Defaults to nil.
  • option: Arbitrary key value pairs passed to mount.

The simplest example for mounting a share;

smbfs_mount '/mnt' do
  cifs_path '//$/Some/Path'
  username 'MyUser',
  password 'MyPass',
  options {'rw' => nil}

Attribute Driven Recipe

The simplest example for mounting a share;

node['smbfs']['mounts']['/mnt'] =
    'cifs_path' => '//$/Some/Path',
    'username' => 'MyUser',
    'password' => 'MyPass',
    'options' =>
        'rw' => nil

include_recipe 'smbfs::attribute_driven'

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