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td-agent (26) Versions 1.0.0

Installs/Configures td-agent

cookbook 'td-agent', '= 1.0.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'td-agent', '= 1.0.0'
knife supermarket install td-agent
knife supermarket download td-agent
Quality 100%


Opscode Chef cookbook for td-agent (Treasure Data Agent). The release log of td-agent is available here.

NOTE: td-agent is open-sourced as Fluentd project. If you want to use stable version of Fluentd, using this cookbook is recommended.


Installing with Berkshelf

This cookbook is released on Chef Supermarket. You can install the cookbook with using Berkshelf.

$ echo 'cookbook "td-agent"' >> Berksfile
$ berks install

Installing with knife-github-cookbooks

The knife-github-cookbooks gem is a plugin for knife that supports installing cookbooks directly from a GitHub repository. To install with this plugin, please follow these steps:

$ gem install knife-github-cookbooks
$ cd chef-repo
$ knife cookbook github install treasure-data/chef-td-agent


This cookbook may be used on Amazon Linux but we cannot guarantee if td-agent will work properly because
AWS doesn't guarantee binary compatibility with RHEL (they aim to be "as compatible as possible").
If users encounter any compatibility issues with td-agent on Amazon Linux, they should contact AWS.


This cookbook has these external dependencies.

  • apt cookbook
  • yum cookbook



API Key, and the Secret Key are required.

  • node[:td_agent][:api_key] (required)


A list of fluentd plugins to install. The fluent-plugin- prefix is automatically added. Additional variables can be passed.

  • node[:td_agent][:plugins]


This installs the latest version of fluent-plugin-flowcounter and version 0.0.9 of fluent-plugin-rewrite.

node[:td_agent][:plugins] = [
  { "rewrite" => { "version" => "0.0.9" } }


You can install latest td-agent 2 using version attribute and major version.

node[:td_agent][:version] = '2'

You can also specify full version.

node[:td_agent][:version] = '2.0.4'

pinning_version and version

If pinning_version is true, then versoins td-agent will be installed. The default version is latest version.

  • node[:td_agent][:pinning_version]
  • node[:td_agent][:version]

In this case, you should set full version to node[:td_agent][:version].


pinning_version and version attributes are now available for rpm package.
The td-agent repository now use reprepro for building Deb repository.
reprepro can not handle multiple versions of the same package.


UID of td-agent user. Automatically assigned by default.


GID of td-agent group. Automatically assigned by default.



Installs a gem or fluentd plugin using the embedded fluent-gem


Action Description
install Install the gem, optinally with a specific version. Default.
upgrade Upgrade to the latest gem
remove Remove the gem
purge Purge the gem


Attribute Description
package_name Gem name. Defaults to name
version Gem version. Installs the latest if none specified
source Local .gem file
options Options passed to the gem command
gem_binary Override path to the gem command
response_file Not supported
plugin If true, no need to prefix the gem name w/ "fluent-plugin-". Defaults to false


This installs fluent-plugin-datacounter (v0.2.0)

td_agent_gem "datacounter" do
  version "0.2.0"
  plugin true

This installs the latest version of aws-sdk

td_agent_gem "aws-sdk" do
  plugin false


Optionally include /etc/td-agent/conf.d/*.conf files (i.e. symlinks, other recipes, etc.)

  • node[:td_agent][:includes] = false


Optionally prevent /etc/td-agent/td-agent.conf from including default config.

  • node[:td_agent][:default_config] = true


This is an example role file.

name "base"
description "base server role."
  # for td-agent
  :td_agent => {
    :api_key => 'foo_bar_buz',
    :plugins => [

HTTP API Options

  • node[:td_agent][:in_http][:enable_api] = true

Access to the API may be turend off by setting enable_api to false. This may be of particular use when
td-agent is being used on endpoint systems that are forwarding logs to a centralized td-agent server.


Copyright 2014 Treasure Data, Inc.

The code is licensed under the Apache License 2.0 (see LICENSE for details).

Foodcritic Metric

1.0.0 passed this metric