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tor-full (3) Versions 0.2.0

Installs/Configures tor

cookbook 'tor-full', '~> 0.2.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'tor-full', '~> 0.2.0'
knife supermarket install tor-full
knife supermarket download tor-full
Quality 33%


Installs Tor and optionally sets up a hidden service or configures as a relay


Ohai and Chef:

  • Ohai: 6.14.0+

This cookbook makes use of node['platform_family'] to simplify platform
selection logic. This attribute was introduced in Ohai v0.6.12.


The following platform families are supported:

  • Debian
  • RHEL
  • Fedora


  • apt (for Debian installation)
  • yum (for RHEL 5 installation)


General config section

  • node['tor']['DataDirectory'] - The directory for keeping all the keys/etc
  • node['tor']['MinLogLevel'] - The minimum log level to log. Possible values include debug, info, notice, warn, and err.
  • node['tor']['LogDestination'] - Where logs should be written. Valid values include a path to a file or "syslog"
  • node['tor']['SocksPorts'] - List of 'address:port' to open tor socks proxy on. Defaults to disabled

Hidden Services config section

  • node['tor']['HiddenServices'] - hidden services Tor should expose ruby # Example default['tor']['hiddenServices'] = { 'HIDDEN_SERVICE_NAME':{ 'HiddenServiceDir' => '/var/lib/tor/some_service/', #default is /var/lib/tor/HIDDEN_SERVICE_NAME/ 'HiddenServicePorts' => ['80'] #x y:z says to redirect requests on port x to the address y:z }

Relay config section

  • node['tor']['relay']['enabled'] - if true tor will act as a relay
  • node['tor']['relay']['ORPort'] - What port to advertise for incoming Tor connections
  • node['tor']['relay']['Address'] - The IP address or full DNS name for incoming connections to your relay
  • node['tor']['relay']['OutboundBindAddress'] - If you have multiple network interfaces, you can specify one for outgoing traffic to use
  • node['tor']['relay']['Nickname'] - A handle for your relay, so people don't have to refer to it by key
  • node['tor']['relay']['RelayBandwidthRate'] - Limit how much relayed traffic you will allow in kilobytes (not bits)
  • node['tor']['relay']['RelayBandwidthBurst'] - Limit how much relayed traffic you will allow for bursts in kilobytes (not bits)
  • node['tor']['relay']['ContactInfo'] - ContactInfo you can be reached at
    • Example: "0xFFFFFFFF Random Person nobody AT example dot com"
  • node['tor']['relay']['ExitPolicy'] - Sets the exit node policy for tor defaults to no exit
    • Exampe: ['accept *:6660-6667','reject *:*'] # allow irc ports but no more
  • node['tor']['relay']['BridgeRelay'] - Set to 1 to run a bridge relay
  • node['tor']['relay']['PublishServerDescriptor'] - Set to 0 to run a private bridge relay
  • node['tor']['relay']['Directory'] - If true tor relay will server as a directory mirror
  • node['tor']['relay']['DirPort'] - "address:port" from which to mirror directory information
  • node['tor']['relay']['DirPortFrontPage'] - If true a blob of html will be returned on your DirPort explaining Tor.
    • To send a custom HTML blob specify its full path, example "/etc/tor/tor-exit-notice.html"
  • node['tor']['relay']['MyFamily'] - If you run more than one tor node add keyids for other tor nodes



Installs Tor and enables Tor service. By default it will not open a socks proxy, offer a hidden service,
or act as a relay.


Installs Tor and configs Tor to be a relay. By default the relay will not be an exit or directory.
Make sure to read through the attributes section for relays above.


This cookbook primarily installs Tor core packages. It can also be
used to run a Tor relay or a hidden service.

To install tor client (all supported platforms):

include_recipe 'tor'

To install tor relay:

include_recipe "tor::relay"


Open local socks port

The example role below opens a Tor socks proxy on port 9050 available to localhost only

name "torproxy"
  "tor" => {
    "SocksPorts" => [""]

Hidden service on port 80

The example role below serves a website on port 80 as a hidden service.

name "torservice"
  "tor" => {
    "hiddenServices" => {
      "hidden_web_service" => {
       "HiddenServicePorts" => ["80"]
       #requests on port 80 are redirected to localhost port 8080

Note: The tor-full recipe will write the hidden service's hostname to the attribute node.tor.hiddenServices.HIDDEN_SERVICE_NAME.hostname after node convergence.

Tor Relay

The node config below sets up a Tor relay. The relay is a directory and an exit
for IRC (ports 6660 & 6667).

  "run_list": [
  "tor": { 
    "relay": {
      "ContactInfo":"ContactInfo 0x04FAC2E9CC21424A Richard Klafter <>",
      "ExitPolicy":["accept *:6660-6667","reject *:*"]

Note: you can make recipe[tor-full] behave like recipe[tor-full::relay] by
setting the attribute tor.relay.enabled = true.

License and Author

Dependent cookbooks

apt >= 0.0.0
yum >= 0.0.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

tor-full CHANGELOG

This file is used to list changes made in each version of the tor cookbook.


  • Ben Chrobot
    • Updated Readme
    • Tor now installed from repository
    • Added BATS test suite


  • Richard Klafter - Initial release of tor-full

Collaborator Number Metric

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Failure: Cookbook has 0 collaborators. A cookbook must have at least 2 collaborators to pass this metric.

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Testing File Metric

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Version Tag Metric

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