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virtualbox (9) Versions 1.0.3

Installs virtualbox

cookbook 'virtualbox', '~> 1.0.3', :supermarket
cookbook 'virtualbox', '~> 1.0.3'
knife supermarket install virtualbox
knife supermarket download virtualbox
Quality 17%


Installs Virtualbox on OS X, Debian/Ubuntu or Windows.



  • Update yum dependency to version 3


  • Changed libshadow-ruby18 dependency to ruby-shadow gem
  • Changed phpVirtualBox password to use "rawpassword" value from data bag
  • Added attribute: node['virtualbox']['webportal']['enable-apache2-default-site']
  • Fixed config.php installation directory to use node['virtualbox']['webportal']['installdir']


  • Update install source for phpvirtualbox.


  • Use platform_family attribute to expand platform support.
  • Use Oracle's VirtualBox package repositories for Debian / RHEL, and the Opscode apt/yum cookbook resources accordingly.
  • Add Vbox::Helpers module in libraries/.
  • Add additional platforms supported
  • Add dependencies on required per-platform cookbooks (required for Chef 11's chef-solo).


  • Update OS X installer to use new pkg format - thanks josephholsten.


  • Add Windows support
  • No more "open source edition" - extension pack must now be downloaded separately from Oracle.
  • Optionally install PHP web porta.


  • Install via Sun's package archive in Ubuntu
  • Optionally install open-source edition from the Ubuntu repository
  • Tested in Ubuntu 11.04


  • initial version, tested on OSX only


Requires Chef version 0.10.10+ and Ohai 0.6.10 for platform_family


  • Mac OS X
  • Ubuntu and Debian, 64 bit (amd64/x86_64)
  • RHEL/CentOS (tested on 6.3)
  • Windows

Other related platform family distributions may work.


You'll also need the respective package manager cookbook for your platform:

  • dmg (for OS X installation)
  • apt (for Debian family)
  • yum (for RHEL family)
  • windows (for Windows installation)

These are dependencies to ensure that the recipes work when using Chef
Solo, and because it's the right thing to do.


  • node['virtualbox']['url'] - URL to the VirtualBox download file. Used on Windows and OS X only to the ".exe" or ".dmg," respectively.
  • node['virtualbox']['version'] - Version of VirtualBox package to install. On Windows, this is automatically detected with the Vbox::Helpers module as the three-dotted version (e.g., 4.2.8). On Debian and RHEL platforms, this is the version suffix for the package to ensure that the correct version from the Virtualbox repository is installed (e.g., 4.2).

Deprecated/unused attributes:

  • node['virtualbox']['urlbase'] - This is automatically used/calculated in the Vbox::Helpers module and not used elsewhere.
  • node['virtualbox']['arch'] - This was used for architecture specific packages for Linux distributions, which is deprecated in favor of the package repository.
  • node['virtualbox']['open_source_edition'] - This was not used in any recipe / template in this cookbook and has been removed.



This recipe will install VirtualBox for supported platforms. On
Windows and OS X, the file specified by the url attribute (see above)
will be downloaded and installed. On Linux (Debian and RHEL families
are supported), the appropriate OS package repository will be added
(apt or yum, respectively), along with Oracle's VirtualBox package
signing key, and the package installed from the repository. The
packages seem to handle all the kernel module recompilation, so this
recipe doesn't handle that.

Other recipes


Creates a user to run the system service and web service as. This recipe
is implicitly included in the "webservice", "webportal", and "systemservice"


  • node['virtualbox']['user'] - User name to create. Defaults to virtualbox.
  • node['virtualbox']['group'] - Group for user. Defaults to vboxusers.


  • passwords/virtualbox-user - Must contain a "password" attribute which sets the password for the VirtualBox user.

A sample data bag looks like:
"id" : "virtualbox-user",
"password" : "virtualbox"


Creates a system service that will run virtual machines at startup. Add UIDs of
any machines you want started to /etc/virtualbox/machines_enabled.


Installs a web service which allows remote control of VirtualBox. This is
implicity included in the "webportal" recipe. Note that the webservice is
installed with no authentication, so make sure you have a firewall set up
or that you are on a trusted network!


Installs apache2 and a phpvirtualbox
to provide a web console to manage VirtualBox. Note by default phpvirtualbox is
installed to /var/www. For the default install, it is recommended that you set
node['apache']['default_site_enabled'] to true, but you can also create your own
site for phpvirtualbox if you don't want to use the default site.


  • node['virtualbox']['webportal']['installdir'] - Directory to install phpvirtualbox to. Defaults to /var/www.

Helper Library

The Vbox::Helpers module includes two methods.

  • vbox_sha256sum - Given an absolute URL to the VirtualBox download
    file (.exe or .dmg), the SHA256 checksum will be retrieved from the
    VirtualBox site. This assumes the default URLs from's
    download site, and may be quite brittle if you're hosting your own

  • vbox_version - Given an absolute URL to the download file, the
    version is calculated. This is used on Windows systems because the
    "package" name in Windows includes the version.


Include the virtualbox default recipe in a role run list. If you want
to install from a different source URL, provide it with the url
attribute and the version if the Vbox::Helpers library cannot determine
it, such as:

name "role_for_vbox"
  "virtualbox" => {
    "url" => "",
    "version" => "4.2"


The source for this cookbook is hosted on
GitHub. If you have any issues
with this cookbook, please follow up there.

License and Author

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and

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Foodcritic Metric

1.0.3 failed this metric

FC064: Ensure issues_url is set in metadata: virtualbox/metadata.rb:1
FC065: Ensure source_url is set in metadata: virtualbox/metadata.rb:1
FC066: Ensure chef_version is set in metadata: virtualbox/metadata.rb:1
FC069: Ensure standardized license defined in metadata: virtualbox/metadata.rb:1
FC121: Cookbook depends on cookbook made obsolete by Chef 14: virtualbox/metadata.rb:1
Run with Foodcritic Version 16.3.0 with tags metadata,correctness ~FC031 ~FC045 and failure tags any

No Binaries Metric

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