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zookeeper (82) Versions 16.0.0

Installs/Configures zookeeper

cookbook 'zookeeper', '~> 16.0.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'zookeeper', '~> 16.0.0'
knife supermarket install zookeeper
knife supermarket download zookeeper
Quality 33%

zookeeper cookbook

Cookbook Version

Table of Contents

Apache ZooKeeper

Apache ZooKeeper is a coordination and discovery
service maintained by the Apache Software Foundation.

This cookbook focuses on deploying ZooKeeper via Chef.

It should be noted that ZooKeeper’s configuration and startup systems are complicated. To elaborate, the service scripts supplied by this cookbook use bin/ inside the ZooKeeper directory, which sources a variety of shell scripts as part of its initialization process.

Please be mindful if you decide to install ZooKeeper to a different location that the path to the config directory should remain pointed to the one within the install directory, unless you instead to completely rewire how ZooKeeper runs in your wrapper cookbook.



The zookeeper resource is responsible for installing and (eventually)
uninstalling Zookeeper from a node.

Actions: :install, :uninstall


  • version: Version of ZooKeeper to install
  • username: The user who will eventually run Zookeeper (default: 'zookeeper')
  • user_home: Path to the home folder for the Zookeeper user (default: /home/zookeeper)
  • mirror: The base URL to obtain ZooKeeper from (default: '')
  • checksum: Checksum for the ZooKeeper download file
  • install_dir: Which directory to install Zookeeper to (default: '/opt/zookeeper')
  • java_version: The version of OpenJDK to install.
    • Alternatively, set use_java_cookbook false, and manage your Java installation yourself


zookeeper 'zookeeper' do
  version  '3.4.8'
  username 'zookeeper'
  mirror   ''
  checksum 'f10a0b51f45c4f64c1fe69ef713abf9eb9571bc7385a82da892e83bb6c965e90'
  action   :install


This resource renders a ZooKeeper configuration file.

Actions: :create, :delete


  • conf_file (name attribute): Base name of the config file
  • conf_dir: Path to write the configuration file to (defaults to /opt/zookeeper/conf)
  • config: Hash of configuration parameters to add to the file

    • Defaults to:
        'clientPort' => 2181,
        'dataDir'    => '/var/lib/zookeeper',
        'tickTime'   => 2000,
        'initLimit'  => 5,
        'syncLimit'  => 2
  • env_vars: Hash of startup environment variables (defaults to {})

  • log_dir: Log directory (defaults to /var/log/zookeeper)

  • username: The user to give ownership of the file to (default: zookeeper)


config_hash = {
  clientPort: 2181,
  dataDir: '/mnt/zk',
  tickTime: 2000,
  'autopurge.snapRetainCount' => 1,
  'autopurge.purgeInterval' => 1

zookeeper_config 'zoo.cfg' do
  config config_hash
  username 'zookeeper'
  action :create


This resource manages a system service for ZooKeeper. Confusingly, it has only one action, and the resources within are controlled via a property.

This will change in a future release, but is “good enough” for now.

Actions: :create


  • service_style: The type of service provider you wish to use. Defaults to systemd, and only allows one of the following:
    • systemd
    • exhibitor
  • install_dir: Where you’ve installed ZooKeeper (defaults to /opt/zookeeper)
  • username: The user to run ZooKeeper under (defaults to zookeeper)
  • service_actions: The actions to pass in to the service resource within this custom resource (defaults to [:enable, :start])
  • template_cookbook: The name of the cookbook to use for the service templates. Allows you to override the service script created & used (defaults to zookeeper, i.e., this cookbook)
  • restart_on_reconfig: Whether or not to restart this service on changes to the service script (defaults to false)


zookeeper_service 'zookeeper' do
  service_style 'systemd'
  install_dir   '/opt/zookeeper'
  username      'zookeeper'


  • Version 1.4.7 on the community site is in fact version 1.4.8.

Author and License

Apache License, Version 2.0

CHANGELOG for zookeeper

This file is used to list changes made in each version of zookeeper.


  • Upgrade java cookbook to v11.x
    • Requires Chef >= v16.0


  • Drop Ubuntu 16.04 support
  • Upgrade ark cookbook to v6.x
  • Upgrade java cookbook to v10.x
    • The v11.x release is the current one, but it drops Chef 15 support, so we’re staying a little behind for backwards-compat
  • Update & clean up supporting config files, based on what @Sous-Chefs uses
  • Move cookbook to @jeffbyrnes personal fork due to loss of write privileges to @evertrue copy


  • Drop Chef 13 support; it is EOL as of April 2020
  • Make username property consistent across resources (#226)
  • Upgrade to java cookbook v8.x
    • Necessitates upgrade to Java 11 by default
  • Drop port test b/c it is inconsistent in its results


  • Install ZooKeeper 3.6.1 by default
  • Drop Chef 13 support b/c it has been EOL for 2 years
    • Pin java < 7.0.0 to maintain Chef 14 support
  • Add testing on Ubuntu 20.04 & CentOS 8
    • Remove the zookeeper_node resource, b/c it depends on the zookeeper gem, which has not had a new release since 2015
  • Follow through on long-standing deprecation notice & remove all recipes, making this a resource-only cookbook
    • Rewrite unit tests to do the most basic testing of the zookeeper resource
  • Drop support for runit & upstart in favor of SystemD
  • Use the systemd_unit resource available since Chef 12.11


  • Duplicate acl_#{scheme} for Chef 14+ compatibility (#222 h/t @kamaradclimber)
  • Drop deprecated key sudo from Travic CI test config
  • Fix metadata to reflect that Chef 12 support has been missing for some time, as it has been EOL for over a year
  • Bring back testing on Chef 13 until we officially drop support


  • Upgrade to ZooKeeper v3.4.14
  • Clean up unit testing to work with current Chef tools
  • Run Test Kitchen using Chef 14 & 15
  • Drop EOL Ubuntu 14.04 support


  • Fix compile failure in node resource (#217 h/t @tas50)
  • Update/fix for Chef 13/14 (#217 h/t @tas50)


  • Set default version to ZooKeeper 3.4.12 (#216)
    • This may upgrade you if you are using zookeeper::default and have not set node['zookeeper']['version'] in your wrapper cookbook


  • Update README to reflect lack of SysV support (#214)


  • Set default version to ZooKeeper 3.4.11 (#208)
    • This may upgrade you if you are using zookeeper::default and have not set node['zookeeper']['version'] in your wrapper cookbook
  • Drop support for:
    • Ubuntu 12.04
    • CentOS 6
    • SysV as a service provider
  • Source when running ZooKeeper (#210)
    • This allows for placing all of the configs somewhere other than the default
  • Duplicate an immutable property in Chef 13 (#207)
  • Fix file ownership (#209)
  • Ensure config directory exists (for cases where using non-default)
  • Make resources Chef 13 compatible
  • Refactor Test Kitchen setup to use kitchen-dokken for simpler, more consistent testing across local & CI
  • Switch to testing on Chef 13
  • Clean up unit tests & metadata
  • Add & update docs in README


  • Clarify changelog w/r/t v8.3.0/v8.3.1


  • Bump to major-level, owing to possibility of someone managing multiple ZooKeepers with this cookbook, and thus depending on the connection-per-zookeeper_node-resource that was the behavior previous to v8.3.0


  • Roll back v8.3.0 to avoid potentially breaking changes


  • Use class variable to avoid creating new connection for each resource (#205 h/t @GolubevV)


  • Add new property to zookeeper_service to restart on changes to its config (h/t @jaybocc2 #200)


  • Fix misnamed attribute
    • Lost in the shuffle long ago!


  • Ensure the /opt/zookeeper-$version directory is owned by zookeeper:zookeeper (#196)


  • Update checksum to match that of version 3.4.9 (fixes #194)
  • Actually test sending checksum in attributes to zookeeper resource when setting up test instance (Relates to #194)
  • In zookeeper resource, if property_is_set? new_resource.checksum always returns false. Use if new_resource.checksum instead.


  • NOTICE Install zookeeper 3.4.9

  • Make sure java_opts is actually rendered in the ZK env config


  • Correct missed change of user to username in SysV script template (#189 h/t @d601)


  • Loosen dependencies’ pins to all be >=, (#187 #188 h/t @Stromweld)


  • Fix order of operations re: link[/opt/zookeeper] (a sub-unit of the ark[zookeeper] resource) (#183, @Stromweld)


  • Add SystemD support


  • Completely refactor existing LWRPs into Chef 12.5 Custom Resources
  • Refactor zookeeper::service into a Custom Resource (#86)
  • Drop apt cookbook in favor of built-in resources in Chef >= 12.11
  • Migrate all logic inside resources
  • Use ark to download & install ZooKeeper, rather than handling every resource directly
    • This is almost certainly a breaking change, as it moves where ZooKeeper is installed by default
    • Advantage: a symlink is created at /#{install_dir}/zookeeper, pointing to /#{install_dir}/zookeeper-#{version}, so handling paths to the current install is far easier
    • Caution: /#{install_dir}/zookeeper has been, until now, a container directory for any installations of ZooKeeper (e.g., /#{install_dir}/zookeeper/zookeeper-#{version})
  • Refactor recipes to wrap resources

    • An attempt at backwards compatibility has been made, using the previous attribute-driven style
    • These attributes & recipes will be dropped in future, as per a deprecation notice added to zookeeper::default
  • Add more tests in an attempt at being comprehensive of various ways this cookbook can be used


  • Drop separate environment-defaults file for Upstart/SysV in favor of using same env vars as Runit
    • Consistency is key
  • Use for all service scripts
  • Drop pinning for build-essential
  • Rewire how env vars are used to correctly set the config & log locations

    • Default values added to set the config & log paths properly
  • Set Upstart & SysV services to action: [:enable, :start] to match the Runit service

  • Pass values into Upstart & SysV init scripts, rather than directly using attributes

  • Drop any Minitest unit tests in favor of ChefSpec


  • Update to working Apache mirror (#170 #178)


  • Drop pinning of apt cookbook to avoid transitive depsolving pain



  • Use java-cookbook-installed version of Java by way of the $JAVA_HOME env var

  • Ensure gets the correct values:

    • Properly set node[zookeeper][config_dir] with lazy interpolation of the node[zookeeper][version] attribute
    • Use lazy evaluation for exports_config
  • Export some env vars for subshelled SysV-run services

Other changes

  • Add proper testing suite using RuboCop, Foodcritic, ChefSpec, and Test Kitchen, automated w/ Travis CI
  • Pin dependency versions to avoid breaking changes being introduced from upstream


  • Add ability to configure JMX port & local only settings via attributes (#172 @felka)


  • Upgrade to ZooKeeper 3.4.8


  • Add initLimit and syncLimit to ZooKeeper config (#171)


  • Use node[zookeeper][user] attribute consistently
  • Fix user for runit-managed service style (#166 #167)


  • Add missing user_home attribute to zookeeper resource


  • Ensure zookeeper user has a home folder (#163, #164)


  • Roll back to version 3.4.6 as per a deadlock issue found by @eherot on #156


  • Run apt-get update at compile time
  • Use lazy evaluation for config_dir (#153, h/t to @Maniacal)
  • Update to testing using Chef 12.x
    • Works around the fact that Serverspec requires a version of net-ssh that needs Ruby >= 2.0


  • Fix setting of CLASSPATH to have version dynamically set
  • Upgrade to ZooKeeper 3.4.7, due to the disappearance of ZK 3.4.6 at the chosen mirror
    • Upgrading ZK is potentially breaking


  • Switch to using value_for_platform_family() to determine the SysV service script provider to use
    • Makes the cookbook less restrictive w/r/t using it on a RHEL-based OS


  • Improve generally for better CentOS support (#146)
  • Create ZooKeeper log dir on installation (#147)
  • Add SysV support for CentOS systems not using Upstart/Runit/Exhibitor
  • Fix testing by dropping usage of Chef Zero
    • Not sure why Chef Zero won’t work, but it’d be nice to get it going again
    • Seems to complain about not being able to find something w/r/t the tester cookbook


  • Add ability to configure znode ACL via node LWRP (#145 thanks @Annih)
  • Create zookeeper user as system user (#142 thanks @petere)
  • Update to prelease runit cookbook b/c of a bug in that cookbook
    • Soon as the next release of it is cut, we can revert e371719
  • Switch to chef-zero for the Test Kitchen provisioner


  • Fix logic around creating (Fixes #141)
  • Add tests for default attributes & using node[zookeeper][env_vars]
  • Add JAVA_OPTS attribute (#144, thanks @andrewgoktepe)


  • Move creation of to zookeeper::install, to allow cookbooks that only call that recipe (e.g., exhibitor)
  • Relax permissions on ZK install_dir (#140)


  • Add creation & configuration of, an optional file to bring in custom EnvVars for Zookeeper to use
  • Fix typo in source for SysV init script (#139)


  • Proper init support (contributed by @shaneramey)


  • Add some tests
  • Fix up zookeeper_node
  • Call runit recipe before service declaration


  • Run apt::default and update at compille time if on Debian (#127)


  • Report zookeeper_config as updated only if zoo.cfg is updated (#110)
  • Fix zk_installed return value (#113)
  • Fix docs (#114, #115)
  • Fix for undefined new method error (#116)
  • Always install build-essential, regardless of usage of java cookbook


  • Allow configurable data_dir parameter for Zookeeper data directory location (contributed by @eherot)


  • Fix erroneous attribute reference


  • Allow pre-installed Java (contributed by @solarce)


  • Fixed recipe call (contributed by @solarce)


  • Split out config rendering to separate recipe (contributed by @solarce)


  • Split out installation to a separate recipe (contributed by @Gazzonyx)


  • Set minimum build-essential version for RHEL support (contributed by @Gazzonyx)


  • Upstart support (contributed by @solarce)


  • Added a service recipe which can be run and activated using new service_style attribute.


  • A basic configuration is rendered by default.
  • Clarify some points in the README about zookeeper_config


  • Exhibitor cookbook factored out (contributed by @wolf31o2)
  • Zookeeper recipe rewritten as LWRP
  • Documentation updated slightly
  • Tested and verified and (hopefully) as backwards-compatible as possible
    • Being a full version bump, there are no backwards-compatibility promises
  • TODO
    • Better documentation
    • zookeeper_service resource
    • zookeeper_config resource
    • Better tests
    • Swap out "community" Java


  • Force build-essential to run at compile time (contributed by @davidgiesberg)


  • Bugfix for attribute access (fixes 1.7.2 bug)


  • Move ZK download location calculation to recipe to eliminate ordering bug


  • Test-kitchen support added
  • Patch installed to support CentOS platform


  • Switched to Runit for process supervision (contributed by @gansbrest)
  • DEPRECATION WARNING: Upstart is no longer supported and has been removed
  • Re-add script but punt on utilizing it
  • This means we recommend staying on 1.6.1 or below if you use Upstart
  • In the meantime, we are working on a strategy to integrate this functionality into the Runit script, to support dependent services


  • Attribute overrides to defaultconfig should now work (contributed by @trane)


  • Add correct (Apache v2) license to metadta.rb (#61)


  • Add logic to download existing exhibitor jar


  • changes: Skip S3 credentials file if AWS credentials are not provided
  • Moved property files from inaccessible chef dir to exhibitor install dir.
  • Logged output to syslog.
  • Added option to set exhibitor/amazon log level


  • Added: s3credentials template to assist with --configtype s3


  • Added config hook and default for servers-spec setting
  • bugfix: cache permission denied error on exhibitor jar move
  • bugfix: ZooKeeper install tar cache EACCES error


  • bugfix: zk_connect_str actually returned when chroot passed.
  • forward zk port in vagrant


  • fix for backwards compatibility with ruby 1.8.7


  • Initial release of zookeeper

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Chef/Deprecations/ResourceWithoutUnifiedTrue: Set `unified_mode true` in Chef Infra Client 15.3+ custom resources to ensure they work correctly in Chef Infra Client 18 (April 2022) when Unified Mode becomes the default. ( zookeeper/resources/config.rb: 1
Chef/Deprecations/ResourceWithoutUnifiedTrue: Set `unified_mode true` in Chef Infra Client 15.3+ custom resources to ensure they work correctly in Chef Infra Client 18 (April 2022) when Unified Mode becomes the default. ( zookeeper/resources/default.rb: 1
Chef/Deprecations/ResourceWithoutUnifiedTrue: Set `unified_mode true` in Chef Infra Client 15.3+ custom resources to ensure they work correctly in Chef Infra Client 18 (April 2022) when Unified Mode becomes the default. ( zookeeper/resources/service.rb: 1

Run with Cookstyle Version 7.32.1 with cops Chef/Deprecations,Chef/Correctness,Chef/Sharing,Chef/RedundantCode,Chef/Modernize,Chef/Security,InSpec/Deprecations

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