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knife-tidy Knife Plugin

Report on stale Chef Server nodes/cookbooks, clean up data integrity issues from a knife-ec-backup object based backup and prune them from your Chef Server!

Install & Usage Instructions


This Chef Knife plugin has two primary purposes:
* Report on the state of Chef Server objects that can be tidied up (Future: clean up objects)
* A companion tool to knife-ec-backup that will clean up data integrity issues in an object backup


A current Chef Client. Can easily be installed via Chef DK


Via Rubygems
gem install knife-tidy

Via Source
git clone
cd knife-tidy
gem build knife-tidy.gemspec && gem install knife-tidy-*.gem --no-ri --no-rdoc

Common Options

The following options are supported across all subcommands:

  • --orgs ORG1,ORG2: Only apply to objects in the named organizations (default: all orgs)

$ knife tidy server report --help

Cookbooks and nodes account for the largest objects in your Chef Server.
If you want to keep it lean and mean and easy to port the object data, you must
tidy these unused objects up!


  • --node-threshold NUM_DAYS Maximum number of days since last checkin before node is considered stale (default: 30)

knife tidy server report --orgs brewinc,acmeinc --node-threshold 50


server report generates json reports as such:

File Name Contents
org_threshold_numdays_stale_nodes.json Nodes in that org that have not checked in for the number of days specified.
org_cookbook_count.json Number of cookbook versions for each cookbook that that org.
org_unused_cookbooks.json List of cookbooks and versions that do not appear to be in-use for that org. This is determined by checking the versioned run list of each of the nodes in the org.

$ knife tidy backup clean --help


  • --backup-path /path/to/an-ec-backup:
    The Chef Repo to tidy up (such as one created from a knife-ec-backup

  • --gsub-file /path/to/gsub/file:
    The path to the file used for substitutions. If non-existant, a boiler plate one will be created.

Run the following example before attempting the knife ec backup restore operation:
knife tidy backup clean --gen-gsub
INFO: Creating boiler plate gsub file: 'substitutions.json'
knife tidy backup clean --backup-path backups/ --gsub-file substitutions.json


Global file substitutions can be performed when --gsub-file option is used. Several known issues are corrected
and others can be added with search/replace pairings. The following boiler plate file is created for you when --gen-gsub is used:

        "pattern":"^require .*/lib/chef/sugar/version",
        "replace":"# require          File.expand_path('../lib/chef/sugar/version', *__FILE__)"
        "pattern":"version *Chef::Sugar::VERSION",
        "replace":"version          !COOKBOOK_VERSION!"
        "pattern":"^version* 'VERSION'.*",
        "replace":"version !COOKBOOK_VERSION!"
        "pattern":"^long_description* ''.*",
        "replace":"#long_description \"A Long Description..\""

Summary and Credits

  • Server Report was ported from Nolan Davidson's chef-cleanup